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of Trevor Stilwell


Web Journal - My blog, such as it is.

Photo albums - Most of the pictures of me in existence and a few that I've taken.

Guitar tab - Tab for every Caedmon's Call song along with some other great acoustic/folk music.

Bells On Christmas Day - A holiday benefit album to raise money for a friend's surgery.

Covered - Some cover songs my sisters and I recorded.

Chorus - A recording of a choir I was in.

Ekklesia - The old Christ on Campus vocal ensemble I was in.


Christ on Campus Classic - My registered student organization of choice.

Ben Garvin: My photo-journalist friend, published in Life Magazine.

Shack: My favorite live performance musician, and great guy as well.

Jeff Miller: Very interesting . . .


  My Favorite Quotes - Quotations I've collected.

Some Bible Passages - I recommend it.