the Stilwells – "COVERED"

1. I Promise (3:32)
2. Yellow, Black & White (2:53)
3. Completely Known (6:10)
4. You've Got A Friend (3:37)
5. The End (3:10)
6. Poughkeepsie (4:28)
7. April Come She Will (1:44)
8. Wrong Man (4:07)
9. Closer To Fine (4:07)
10. This World by (3:30)
11. The Hammer Holds by (4:53)
12. As A Favor by (:47)
13. Come Thou Fount by (2:14)
14. I Will Listen by (3:14)
15. You'll Be There by (2:55)
16. Be Thou My Vision by (2:52)
17. Lion Tamer by (2:55)
18. Cry Me A River by (1:57)

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Esther Stilwell – Vocals, Piano
Trevor Stilwell – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Lydia Ruth Stilwell – Vocals
Bronson Stilwell – Executive Producer
John – Engineering and recording
Darren Crisp – Mixing and mastering
Crisp Recording Studios,
Fayetteville, Arkansas, August 7–9, 2000

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  16. "Be Thou My Vision" – From Michael Card Starkindler – Words - Ancient Irish Hymn translated by Mary E. Byrne; Music - Irish Folk Melody – Arranged by Michael Card and Craig Duncan
  17. "Lion Tamer" – From Stephen Schwartz The Magic Show – Written by Stephen Schwartz – Copyright © 1974
  18. "Cry Me A River" – Written by Arthur Hamilton

PRODUCER'S NOTE: Trevor, Lydia and Esther Stilwell / as they went through their high school years, I became accustomed to hearing my children harmonize with voice and instrument in our home. They never attempted to become an official performance group. The played and sang for sheer personal enjoyment. After they all moved into their college years, I began to miss hearing them. The home seemed relatively empty and less bright without those sounds. Then, one week in August they were all to be briefly home again in Fayetteville, after spending the summer in three different states. I insisted that they sing again together for me - but this time it was in a local studio in order to record some of the music I had come to love. I refused to hear excuses about not having time to practice together again or to work all the parts together perfectly or to get used to performing in separate tracks instead of simply jamming all together. I was afraid that if we delayed, I'd never have the music recorded. So, I bought three slots of two hours each in the studio and insisted that they do with that time what they could. And I wanted enough songs to fill up a compact disc. Trevor, Lydia and Esther weren't even around to help with the post-recording mixing and mastering. But these eighteen songs now give me pleasure and joy whenever I choose. And I'm glad to share them with you.
– Bronson Stilwell, August 22, 2000

TREVOR'S EXCUSES AND NOTES: 1) These are all first takes. No redos, no fixes. The track order is simply the order in which we recorded them. At the time I didn't really expect anyone else to hear this stuff, and it doesn't represent the very best we could have done. Oh well. 2) We recorded guitar and piano first and then vocals, which made things tricky. Anyway, other than that there are no overdubs except Esther's extra harmony part and my percussion on "This World" 3) Lots of these arrangements just kind of got made up as we recorded. 4) For a novice in the studio it's difficult to hear both yourself and the music while wearing headphones. (Thus the excruciatingly sharp vocal on "This World" until I took one side of the headphones off during the guitar solo.) And even after I got things where I could sort of hear, I didn't have time to get used to it. 5) "Closer to Fine" in the original key is too high for me, at least it was the day we recorded it. yow. 6) "As A Favor" was to fill up a few extra seconds at the end of the first tape, and I laughed when I botched the ending. 7) "Come Thou Fount" was also spur-of-the-moment addition.

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