What is Ekklesia?

Actually, the question should be "what was Ekklesia"? Ekklesia was a vocal ensemble that was a ministry of Christ on Campus at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The group was active during the three academic years of 1994-1997. We only did cover songs, but the arrangements were done by Paul Sims, who was also the director and leader of the group, played keyboard, sequenced all our accompaniment tracks, and produced the album. Most of our performances were at ConC's supporting churches and at ConC meetings.

Who was part of Ekklesia?

Singing on the album, as best I recall: Kristin Whitbeck, Sara Harris, Jeffrey Miller, Phillippa Robson, Laurie Sims (Paul's wife, she is on ConC staff), Paul Sims, Trevor Stilwell, and Daryl Williams.

Other members include: Kenny Bell (usually sang solo on "Wonderful Invention"), Amber Brennan, Laura Brown, Brandon Ledbetter, Jeremy Moore, Kasi Ober, James Powers, Ian Robertson, Carrie Starkey, Christy Tullos...some guys from 94-95 whose names I can't remember...

So Ekklesia made an album?

Yes, the group's only recording, Following the Call, was recorded May 29-30, 1996 at Ramay Junior High School, where at the time Paul was the choir director. Unfortunately, the album was never released, but you can download all 6 tracks right here in mp3 format:

  1. "Everything that has Breath" (Paul)
  2. "Ekklesia" (Trevor)
  3. "The Highest Call"
  4. "Wonderful Invention of Love" (Laurie)
  5. "This Day" (Kristin, Daryl, Sara)
  6. "Shine on Us" (guys only. Jeff, Trevor)

Some other songs we used to do that I can think of: "One More Broken Heart", "Come to the Table" (a capella), "Hold on to Me" (ladies only), "You are the Answer" (with James on guitar), and "Lift Him Up". Yes, we did lots of Point of Grace songs, Paul is a big fan.

Didn't Ekklesia go on an international tour?

Well, some of the members (Laurie, James, Jeff, Amber, Phillippa, Sara, plus non-singer Shannon) went to Argentina the summer after the album was recorded, and they sang "Wonderful Invention" and "This Day" and drank mate.

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