T-rev's Place

Where I've lived.

Photo Description
Lowell My first dorm room, Lowell House, Summer 1993
Ravi And Ravi, my first roommate. Suite-mate, rather.
Harvard Me and my mom on campus in Cambridge, August 1993
Engaged Me and my favorite honors dorm roommate Phil, just engaged! April 1997 (Just kidding, Shannon! :-) You can keep him!)
Holcombe My last dorm room, Holcombe Hall, Spring 1998 (no, it's not the same Gatorade bottle)
Apartment My bedroom in my first apartment
Gladson-Ripley My current room, back in the honors dorms again, now as an R.A.
Lego My Lego creations circa age 10. Goal: as big and complicated as possible. I don't care too much about aesthetics

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