T-rev's Photos of Photos

Photos I have taken of photos being taken. I just have this thing...

Photo Description
Girls The 2002-2003 campus house crew, as being photographed by el Clang March 1, 2003
Boxer Thomas is caught on film boxing with a Mexican boy, March 21, 2001
Mystery Maggie taking the below picture of me taking this picture of the Murder Myster Party, March 2, 2001
Me Me taking the above picture featuring Maggie taking this picture.
Harvard Harvard Yard - the stature that's not of John Harvard
Dad My Dad taking a picture of the changing of the guard in London - December 1997
Grad Graduate!
Krystal Krystal in Como, Colorado - January 1998
Video Video survey on campus
Phil Mexico '96 - Phillippa, Jessica, Jene, Jenise, Edmundo
Party Party at the Arkansas House - February 1998

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