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Photo Description
Butterfield Overlook near the Butterfield Hiking Trail in the Arkansas National Forest, solo backpacking trip, October 1996
Pack Same place, same time (about an hour before sunset). The view's better after the leaves fall
Yosemite My Dad and me in Yosemite, September 1998. The views are great everywhere
Falls Vernal Falls, which is bigger than it looks here. This was hard to shoot without getting mist on my camera lens, even though I was probably a quarter mile from the falls. Told you the views are great.
Solo This is me hiking the Butterfield Trail solo last month (April 3, 1999). I think it's the first time I ever started a hike after sunset. And in the rain. But I camped under a big overhang, plus the rain stopped.
Flower I took this photo today (5/12/1999) for my friend Krystal, who was probably in Fantastic Caverns at the time. These flowers were near the waterfall mentioned below. (Click the image to see it full size.)
Hawk's Bill This is Dick (and his dog Scout) on Hawk's Bill Crag. I still have a picture of Hawk's Bill Crag (a view similar to this one) that I tore out of Bicycling Magazine several years ago, with a humorous caption...something like "sadly, Gordon's weight was just enough to cause the billion-year-old granite formation to collapse."
Edge Dick took this of me sitting with my feet hanging over the brink. We timed a rock falling to the ground below at 2.9 seconds, which would make it a drop of well over 100 feet. Of course the valley floor is much lower than the ground directly below the edge.
Edgy Zooming in closer. Though I was obviously striking a silly pose, I must admit that I was truly a bit edgy :) and wishing he would hurry up and take the picture, because there wasn't much keeping me from sliding...
Wet? It looks like he's getting wet, but actually he sat on the one high spot with no water flowing over it. Scout had no qualms about getting wet though. We stopped by these beautiful falls on the way back from Hawk's Bill Crag. I took this shot from a spot very near Krystal's flower.
Silhouette For this I put the camera on a rock and used the timer. There's a nice camping spot under this section of the waterfall. There was an occupied sparrow's nest under there too, and I got a picture of mama bird delivering a worm, but it's hard to see so I didn't scan it.

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