T-rev's Friends

I'd had the camera less than three months and already proven my uncanny knack for catching people at their best! But you won't find any of those photos here. (by the way, if your pic isn't here, you're obviously not my friend, right?)

Photo Description
SwopesSwopes at home
LauraLaura - August 2001
Joeyand Joey
LauraJoseph's B-Day party - August 2001
LauraSara's going away party - August 2001
Phil Swope on the slopes, January 1997. He can't make it this winter, though (previous engagement)
Dary Daryl, June 1994
Friends Jeremy and Sara
Jeff Me and Jeff on the Texas Giant, May 1994
DickDick Nelson at the Arkansas House (bonus, lower right: Lydia, my Dad and me camping)
PhillippaPhillippa in my car (which has no name)
JerryJerry. That's what I like to call my friend at Westminster Abbey
KrystalKrystal by the crosses in Como, Colorado
Fastthird day fasters
DarylDaryl and his Colorado Omelette™ (with chunky BEE!), Jeff and his Big Breakfast™
JeffyJeffy and Jason being their normal old selves
AmberAmber and her diploma frame
JamesJamie getting his groove on
SaraSara napping on her couch
JasonJason levitating at Jo and Ashlea's
ShackShack: Live at Arsaga's (with James on acoustic lead)
JenniJenni and I listen to the show (Photo by El Clang)
Brandy Brandy and (on bike) me, at Devil's Den, Fall 1995
AndyAndy in front of the campus house the day he and Cara got engaged
LeighLeigh Ann after a long day at Breckenridge

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